Italian Plaster Remodeling
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Italian Plaster Application

How much does a plaster finish cost?   Prices vary depending on finish and space.  Typically prices start a $10 per square foot for a single room project.  Powder rooms typically run between $1,800 and $2,800.  

How long does it take?  Typically a single room is completed in 5 days.  The reason being is that we have to touch the walls several times before completion and plaster needs to dry for a long time before another layer can be applied.

What is waxed plaster?   The market uses the term "waxed plaster" to mean a high polished plaster.  A high polished plaster only needs to be waxed if the room needs further protection such as a bathroom or a commercial installation with high traffic.  

Do the principles do the work themselves?  Absolutely!  We have helpers but we are in this business because we LOVE to do this work ourselves.  

How does your sample board process work?  On our first visit to you home or office we will measure the space and narrow down the type of finish you are interested and choose a couple of color possible colors.  We will send you a quote and if you want to go ahead with us, we take a 10% non-refundable deposit and start the sample board process.   Once a sample board has been agreed upon we will schedule your project.  

Are your materials earth friendly?   Yes and always! 
Latest Commercial Clients Include:

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art


Mulberry-Las Vegas

Incarnation Lutheran Church 

Mulberry-San Jose

Buffalo Wild Wings-Santee

Panerai Boutique- La Jolla

Breguet-Beverly Hills

Ryan's Coffee-Temecula

Cafe Madeleine-San Diego

​Cooper Leaf
Dutch Gold Leaf
Imitation Silver Leaf

Decorative Plasters:
  • Venetian plasters
  • High polished plasters
  • American Clay
  • Japanese plasters
  • Faux cements 
  • Faux stone veneers

Metal Leafing:​
  • Dutch Gold
  • Imitation silver leaf
  • Genuine silver leaf
  • Copper leaf

Speciality Paints:​
  • Italian paints
  • Lime paints and washes
  • Decorative and textured paints

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