Lime paints and washes are crafted from the same natural slaked lime materials that define authentic Venetian plaster. Delve into a rich history that predates traditional paint, harkening back to the days when Tom Sawyer whitewashed his fence with what was then known as milk paint—essentially, the precursor to lime paint. 

Even the iconic White House boasts the elegance of lime paint. What sets lime paints apart is the inclusion of crushed limestone aggregate, imparting a unique depth and movement to your walls. Embrace sustainability with paints derived from eco-friendly materials, ensuring a harmonious blend of beauty and environmental consciousness. 

From subtle sophistication to bold drama, the versatility of lime paint knows no bounds. Whether you opt for a delicate touch or explore the depths of color, lime paints offer an unparalleled canvas for your creative vision. Experience the transformative power of lime paints today.