About Venetian and Italian Plasters:

Historically, plaster  has been used to finish interiors from mud huts to majestic palaces. Various types of plasters emerge from different locations. Earthen resources and traditional old world processes contribute to the various varieties. The Italians far excelled when it came to quality and aesthetics, in fact Italy's plaster industry is highly regulated for quality and substance unlike plaster in the U.S. and other countries.  Most Italian plasters are lime based with natural additives such as crushed tiles or powdered marble depending on the finish desired.  

Lime (calcium hydroxide) is resistant to molds, mildew and bacteria.  As its curing it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases water.  When fully dry it turns back into limestone.

Italian Plaster Works, Fine Wall Finishes, Solana Beach CA
Traditional Italian Plasters
Old World: Much of what we love about the European and Mediterranean aesthetic is the beauty found in the delicate way time has eroded marble and lime plasters.  We take the natural lime plasters to recreate these old world surfaces.  Accent areas, wine rooms and powder rooms done in an old world method add an unparalleled richness to any space.  
Traditional High Polished Veneziano: Traditional finishes transcend across all aesthetic styles.  In this method, 3 coats of plaster is applied covering 100% of the space on each pass.  The shine comes from burnishing the marble and limestone putty at the correct time.  The amount of burnishing resutls in either a mirror like shine or a more subtle one.  We often apply wax to create a surface shine and add a layer of protection.  

Which finish is right for your space?
​Metallics:  An immense selection of textures is found in the metallic genre. Delicate with a pearlesque sheen is wonderful for whole rooms where the more glittery metallics are perfect for powder rooms and contemporary spaces that a dramatic statement is required.  Often metallic plasters can substitute leafing to give a more economical metal like surface.
Aged Copper
Velvet Plaster
Gold Sparkle in Orange
Dramatic Black with silver glitter
Faux Cement:.  Trending right now is faux cement.  Where real cement is expensive to pour vertically, plasters creating a cement look is not.  As cement has many looks to it, we render all types from smooth to vintage stadium.
Smooth Cement
Slightly textured Cement
Semi-rough Cement
Vintage Stadium Cement
Custom Textures:  Have a vision in mind?  We often create custom finishes for our clients. The sky is the limit.  Here are just a few examples:

Metal Leafing:  Only real metal can give you the shine of metal.  Metallic paints can't do this.  When you need the real thing, do the real thing.  We can destress and work with the leaf in decorative ways too!
Specialty Paints:  By this we mean paints that need to be applied with decorative movement and with special tools.  Giorgio Grasean LTD ,  Meoded  and Portola  are some of our favorites.
Matte Lime Plasters:  These finishes are trending heavily right now. Characterized by being both soft and strong at the same time, we are covering from everything to every wall in a house to range hoods and fireplaces to bathrooms including the showers. These materials are perfect for that seemless look.